Chapter 3 Projectile Motion Worksheet Answers

Chapter 3 Projectile Motion Worksheet Answers

The ball leaves the foot at a height of 0 8 m. A dud missile is fired straight into the air from a military instillation.

Worksheet 3

View worksheet 3 vectors and projectile motion solutions pdf from computer 1176 at jones county junior college.

Chapter 3 projectile motion worksheet answers. A calculate the initial x velocity. Estimate the number of seconds the ball is in the air. To solve projectile problems you must divide up your information into two parts.

Which has motion and which has motion. Terms in this set 7 nonlinear motion. Answer each of the following questions and show all work.

What equations will you use for each type of motion. Projectile motion activity projectile motion problem worksheet answer key 3 5 drop a ball from a height of 2 meters and using a stopwatch record the time it takes to reach the ground. A diver runs horizontally with a speed of 1 2 m s off a platform that is 10 0 m above the.

Notes and summary extract from the conceptual physics book by prentice hall. How high is the missile after 4 5 seconds. A golfer strikes a golf ball with an initial velocity of 45 m s at an angle of 40 to the horizon.

Projectile motion 1 chad punts a football with a resultant velocity of 18 m s at an angle of 48. Repeat this two more times and record all the times in the table below then find the average time. Cp1 algebra 2 projectile motion word problems worksheet 3 kennedy 1.

If the ball experiences a constant vertical acceleration of 9 8 m s2 while it is in the air what will the ball s position be after 1 5 s. Use the scale 1 cm. The missile s height is given by the formula.

The curve is a combination of constant velocity horizontal motion and accelerate. Vectors and projectile motion table. Motion in a curved path.

5 m and draw the positions of the dropped ball at 1 second intervals. A ball rolls off a 1 0 m high table and lands on the floor 3 0 m away from the table. Neglect air drag and assume g 10 m s2.

B calculate the initial y. Projectile motion chapter 3. Tossed ball a ball tossed upward has initial velocity components 30 m s vertical and 5 m s horizontal.

The four positions of the thrown ball with no gravity are at 1 second intervals. Complete the diagram below by labeling all vectors. At what time will the missile reach its maximum height.

The position of the ball is shown at 1 second intervals. Projectile motion practice worksheet 1. 1 projectile motion practice problems ii physics horizontal projectile motion x component v x x v x t y component v yf v yi g t y v yi 2t gt 2 2gy v yf 2 v yi g 9 8m s 2 1.

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