Inequalities Worksheet Pdf

Inequalities Worksheet Pdf

Solve graph and give interval notation for the solution to inequalities with absolute values. 5y 6 2y 7 3.

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5x 2 4 3x.

Inequalities worksheet pdf. 21 write an inequality with x on both sides whose solution is x 2 many answers. T s2l0 u1j2m zkvuctqar 5sdo9f9t dw lairoe k nlblrc4 x t mael zl1 jr ri 3gjh vtbs j ir te wsnefrevse zd p a w lmmajdee0 vw6idtchb uivn tf kipniot oen 6a0lagne3b orca d x1d s worksheet by kuta software llc kuta software infinite algebra 1 name two step inequalities date period. Solving linear inequalities worksheet 1 solve following linear inequalities 1.

One step equations di erence between y and 23 is 12. When an inequality has an absolute value we will have to remove the absolute value in order to graph the solution or give interval notation. 5 total of m and 3 is 21 translating phrases.

9y 3. 01 31 20 one step inequalities pdf 991k dianne pinto jan 31 2020 11 49 am. Solving inequalities worksheet 1 here is a twelve problem worksheet featuring simple one step inequalities.

2 2 multiplied by b is equal to 8 3 4 product of 4 and z is the same as 16 7 n minus 2 is equal to 16 9 20 exceeds c gives 18 8 11 times p is 33 10 one half of x is equal to 3 6 b divides 6 gives 1 1 sum of x and 3 gives 5 translate each verbal phrase into an algebraic expression. If the absolute value is greater than or greater than or equal to a positive numbe r set the argument less than the opposite of the number and greater than the number using an or statement in between the two inequalities. 4 7 2 create your own worksheets like this one with infinite algebra 2.

The way we remove. Inequalities absolute value inequalities objective. Writing equations worksheet 1 pdf view download.

Any number greater than zero. 7y 2x 8. Then solve each inequality writing the solution as a union of the two solutions.

6x 4 2x. 1 6𝑎 5 q 23 2 4 14 3 𝑟 2 8 16 4 12 11𝑎 r45 5 3 9 36 6 22 6𝑐 4 7. An inequality says that two values are not equal.

2y y 9. 8x x 2. Do not work the problems.

Inequalities pdf view download. 2y 4. Use inverse operations or mental math to solve for x.

If it is an inequality where you will need to flip the symbol then circle that inequality symbol and write above it what it will look like after the inequality has been solved. 5x 4 3 3x 2. Solve and graph the solution set of following.

2x x 2 22 name one particular solution to question 20. 2x 2 8x 4. Solving inequalities worksheet 1 rtf.

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